Monday, January 19, 2015

Wrist-Mounted DM Screen

After all the shit-talking that jocks have done about roleplayers over the years, it turns out that those bastards were walking around with goddamned DM Screens on their sweaty-ass wrists the whole time!

But seriously though, I can totally use one of these:

Football 5 Pocket Arm-Play Holder

Of course, it's not remotely as hardcore as actually tattooing Armor Classes onto your forearm for reference...

... but it's still a cute gimmick for literally keeping a little something up your sleeve. If you're rules-light enough, you could fit everything you need to run a game in one of these, and use it as your travel/on-the-fly/convention game-screen.

Plus, these wrist-screens are ambidextrous. That's right; you can totally do this:

Obviously, no one should do that. 
I will probably do that.
If anyone gives me any shit about it, at least I can tell them that it's football gear.

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