Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Made a Thing!

Hark! I have heeded the decree of Wil Wheaton to "Get Excited and Make Things!" Okay, so he was talking about print-on-demand projects, but the man does love his D&D, so I'm sure he wouldn't object to my conversion of his trope here.

"Things" optional

My caffeine-fueled delirium and I put together an Abulafia generator for the "Creating Campaign Regions" section of Kevin Crawford's insanely useful An Echo, Resounding.

Usefulness + Samurai...   Samurai sold separately

If you're a DM/GM/Ref/Judge/Keeper/whatevs , and you need a quick sandbox (with optional Domain-level actions) for your players to, you know, play in, then you are totally in the luck. The generator is located here: http://www.random-generator.com/index.php?title=InstantRegion .That page alone should give you plenty of demented ideas, but you'll need the book if you want to understand how the modifiers are used for Domain management. It's well worth it, because Sine Nomine Publishing consistently pisses excellence. This is the easiest system I've found for PC's who want to literally rule (portions of) the world. Well, it's the easiest that doesn't involve rock/paper/scissors anyway.

Credit where credit is due to Zak S. and -C for bringing Abulafia to my attention in the first place. That site is chock full of hella-useful random generators for RPG's and writers. OSR ftw!